XLD Agar (EP, USP, JP, BP) 90mm Plates Pk 10

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Isolate and identify Salmonella and Shigella spp. with ready-to-use Thermo Scientific™ Oxoid™ XLD Agar (EP, USP, JP, BP). The medium relies on xylose fermentation, lysine decarboxylation and production of hydrogen sulphide for the primary differentiation of shigellae and salmonellae from non-pathogenic bacteria.

The careful addition of Sodium desoxycholate inhibits growth of coliforms without decreasing the ability to support shigellae and salmonellae. The medium conforms to the formulations detailed in international pharmacopoeia2,3,4,5.

Salmonella and Shigella are major causes of bacterial enteric illness with transmission occuring via the fecal-oral route, person-to-person contact, or by the ingestion of contaminated food or water.

Use XLD Agar (EP, USP, JP, BP) for the screening of samples containing mixed flora and suspected of harbouring enteric pathogens, e.g. food products.

  • Easy-to-read: easily differentiate Salmonella (red colonies with black centres) from Shigella (red colonies) and other coliforms (yellow, opaque colonies).
  • Superior sensitivity and selectivity: exceeds that of the traditional plating media e.g., Eosin Methylene Blue and Bismuth Sulphite Agars, which tend to suppress the growth of shigellae.
  • Tested in accordance with ISOL 1133:20141
  • Conforms to formulations detailed in International Pharmacopoeia2,3,4,5.
  • Ready-to-use convenience of prepared media.
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