Pre-Poured Media

Pre-Poured Media

In dairy testing, pre-poured media is an essential tool used to detect the presence of bacteria in various dairy products. Pre-poured media refers to petri dishes filled with nutrient-rich agar or other culture media that is ready to use for microbial testing. These pre-poured media provide a sterile surface where microorganisms in the sample can grow and form colonies, making it easier to isolate and identify them. The convenience and consistency of pre-poured media make them an ideal choice for dairy testing laboratories, enabling them to improve the accuracy and efficiency of microbial analysis.

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  • TSA Aircheck® Deep Fill 90mm PP Plate T/W (Irr) Pk 10
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    TSA Aircheck® Deep Fill 90mm PP Plate T/W (Irr) Pk 10


    Highly nutritious general purpose medium for the growth of bacteria and fungi. Irradiated VHP triple-wrapped plates. Container 90mm Plate Pack Size 10 Shelf Life 26 weeks Storage Temp 2-25oC Appearance Clear, pale straw coloured...
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