PH 7 Buffer Colution Clear NIST Standard (UKAS) 1ltr

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Buffer Solution pH 7.00 (Phosphate) is a NIST Standard Solution designed for convenient use in pH measurements. It is readily prepared for pH measurement, each solution easily identifiable by its color, saving time and minimizing errors. The buffer solutions, available in standard and color-coded variations, offer high-quality and reliable products to ensure precise results for calibration and titration. Manufactured with a tolerance of ?0.02 pH units, these buffers are accurately standardized and labeled with lot-specific pH values at 20°C. All buffers are traceable to NIST and BS 1647 standards. Packed in HDPE containers, available in 1L, 2.5L, and 5L quantities, these solutions safeguard product integrity and ensure safe handling. Standard buffers cover the pH range from 2 to 10, while color-coded buffer solutions are available for pH 4, pH 7, and pH 10. The specifications of this buffer solution include a colorless appearance, a pH of 7, a liquid physical form, and packaging in an HDPE plastic bottle with a quantity of 500 mL.
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