Sustainable Innovations at Trafalgar Scientific: Powering a Greener Future

Sustainable Innovations at Trafalgar Scientific: Powering a Greener Future

Here at Trafalgar Scientific, we have taken significant steps toward sustainability. We've transformed our Leicester headquarters into an eco-friendly haven with two main projects: the installation and activation of solar panels and the installation of an EV charging station. Read on to hear more about these projects, as well as other steps we've taken to play our part in creating a sustainable future.

Solar Power 

At the end of 2022, we installed 130 solar panels, each generating 470 watts. Before we could install the panels, our roof had to undergo a major overhaul. We installed a significant overlay and replaced all our GRP rooflights. This helped improve our energy efficiency, allowing us to reduce the need for artificial light and create a brighter working environment for our employees. As an added benefit, this work helped raise our EPC rating from C to A. In addition to generating our power here at HQ, significantly reducing our environmental impact, we're also sending any surplus energy generated back to the national energy grid, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

The EV Charging Station 

To support our employees in embracing eco-friendly commuting, we've installed a commercial EV charging station. This station features two 22 kW chargers with 32 A socket outlets, facilitating the charging of our electric and hybrid company cars.

Optimising Our Delivery Fleet

Our sustainability initiatives aren't confined to our headquarters; they extend to our delivery fleet, where we've implemented eco-conscious practices to further minimise our environmental footprint. Our transport department meticulously plans deliveries using Google's eco-friendly route planner, ensuring that delivery routes are optimised for fuel efficiency and minimal environmental impact. We also maintain a well-serviced fleet that uses premium fuel to enhance efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Our company goals reflect our commitment to sustainability, with all employees playing their part in striving toward a greener future. Thank you for being a part of our ongoing journey toward a cleaner planet.

11th Oct 2023

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