Trio Bas Air Samplers

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Air Sampling With TRIO.BAS™

The GMP Annex 1 introduced news about the microbial air monitoring in Grade “A” and “B” of the cleanroom. 

9.22 Chapter 9:

9.24 Chapter 9:

Where aseptic operations are performed, microbial monitoring should be frequent using a combination of methods such as settle plates, volumetric air sampling, glove, gown and surface sampling (e.g. swabs and contact plates). The method of sampling used should be justified within the CCS and should be demonstrated not to have a detrimental impact on grade A and B airflow patterns. Cleanroom and equipment surfaces should be monitored at the end of an operation.

 Continuous viable air monitoring in grade A (e.g. air sampling or settle plates) should be undertaken for the full duration of critical processing, including equipment (aseptic set-up) assembly and critical processing. A similar approach should be considered for grade B cleanrooms based on the risk of impact on the aseptic processing. The monitoring should be performed in such a way that all interventions, transient events and any system deterioration would be captured and any risk caused by interventions of the monitoring operations is avoided.


The AIRBIO air sampler boasts a sturdy build, making it effortless to place on surfaces, with convenient keyboard accessibility. Perfect for sectors necessitating regular air quality assessments and compliance with rigorous standards, it finds application in pharmaceutical settings, cleanrooms, hospitals, and beyond. Data can be seamlessly transmitted via Bluetooth to Android devices or directly to PCs/laptops, with the option for cable transfer for wireless-restricted environments. Its rechargeable battery, manual or automatic modes, and EU GMP Annex 1 Continous Monitoring compliant airflow rate of 25 lts/min. Additionally, optional sterile aspirating heads are available to mitigate contamination risks.


Boasting all the key features of the AIRBIO ONE CM, AIRBIO DUO CM doubles the number of aspirating chambers per unit.

Halve your sampling time or take advantage of up to two media plates per run. 


The only portable three-headed Air Sampler available. Three aspirating heads for multiple plate sampling simultaneously, reducing your contamination risk

Cover your entire production schedule with up to 9 hours continuous sampling.


Crafted from AISI 316 stainless steel, the RABS ISOLATOR and its satellites are ideal for customers conducting frequent quality assessments across diverse sectors like pharmaceuticals, cleanrooms, and biotech. With a barcode module and Bluetooth scanner, it automates data recording for operators, locations, and plates used in sampling. Data can be transferred via Bluetooth to Android devices, with cable transfer available for wireless-restricted environments. This air sampler simplifies cleanroom monitoring with a single external command unit, minimizing human contamination risks with permanently stationed satellite units. Sterile "Daily Shift" aspirating heads mitigate contamination risks, while its capability to use multiple aspirating heads enables simultaneous sampling with different culture media or at various processing stages.


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